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Our goal is to drive progress in tackling the global problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

For this, it will be critical to develop the pipeline of talent to undertake research and pursue scientific discovery in the field in the years to come.

Therefore, we aim to provide world-leading postgraduate degree and educational programmes that offer skills and training for early- and mid-career researchers to advance the science, develop the insights, and foster the interdisciplinary approaches required to address the wide-ranging challenges of AMR.

INEOS Oxbridge Doctoral Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

The INEOS Oxbridge Doctoral Initiative is a programme that integrates the expertise and capabilities of two Universities that are globally recognised for excellence in health science research. Three yearly studentships are awarded in Oxford (DPhil) and three in Cambridge (PhD), but students are encouraged to train in both Universities.

At the heart of the initiative is an ambition to nurture a diverse cohort of outstanding young scientists who will become equipped to deal with the global challenges posed by the rapidly emerging threat from antimicrobial resistance.

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Other opportunities:

We also accept doctoral-level students through a range of graduate training programmes from the University of Oxford, including:

Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)

The DTP offers an innovative, interdisciplinary four-year graduate training programme, funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UKRI-BBSRC). It aims to equip a new generation of researchers with the skills, insight and knowledge needed to tackle the most important challenges in bioscience research.

Find out more: University of Oxford - Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP

Chemistry in Cells Multidisciplinary PhD Programme

Chemistry in Cells is a unique Wellcome Trust 4-year programme that provides bespoke training in cutting-edge chemical and physical science techniques applied to contemporary questions in biomedical science; taught and practical courses delivered by academic and industrial experts from a wide range of disciplines; exceptional opportunities to undertake world-class industrial, academic and clinical placements; career mentors who will provide advice and guidance throughout the lifetime of the programme; and support to develop a highly innovative multidisciplinary DPhil project.

Find out more: University of Oxford - Chemistry in Cells

Synthesis for Biology and Medicine CDT

The Synthesis for Biology and Medicine CDT is a 4-year DPhil programme with synthesis at the core that offers joint academic-industrial training in cutting-edge synthesis and its impact on significant problems in biology and medicine

Find out more: University of Oxford - Synthesis for Biology and Medicine CDT

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