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Pre-existing chromosomal polymorphisms in pathogenic E. coli potentiate the evolution of resistance to a last-resort antibiotic. Jangir, P.K., Yang, Q., Shaw, L.P., Caballero, J.D., Ogunlana, L., Wheatley, R., Walsh, T.R., MacLean, R.C. eLife. 2022;11:e78834. Available from:

Antibiotic resistance genes in the gut microbiota of mothers and linked neonates with or without sepsis from low- and middle-income countries. Carvalho, M.J., Sands, K., Thomson, K., Portal, E., Mathias, J., Milton, R., Gillespie, D., Dyer, C., Akpulu, C., Boostrom, I., Hogan, P., Saif, H., Ferreira, A., Nieto, M., Hender, T., Hood, K., Andrews, R., Watkins, W. J., Hassan, B., Chan, G., Bekele, D., Solomon, S., Metaferia, G., Basu, S., Naha, S., Sinha, A., Chakravorty, P., Mukherjee, S., Iregbu, K., Modibbo, F., Uwaezuoke, S., Audu, L., Edwin, C.P., Yusuf, A.H., Adeleye, A., Mukkadas, A.S., Zahra, R., Shirazi, H., Muhammad, A., Ullah, S.N., Jan, M.H., Akif, S., Mazarati, J.B., Rucogoza, A., Gaju, L., Mehtar, S., Bulabula, A.N.H., Whitelaw, A., Roberts, L., BARNARDS Group, Walsh, T.R. Nat Microbiol. 2022;7:1337–47. Available from:

Characterisation of Staphylococci species from neonatal blood cultures in low- and middle-income countries. Sands K, Carvalho MJ, Spiller OB, Portal EAR, Thomson K, Watkins WJ, Mathias J, Dyer C, Akpulu C, Andrews R, Ferreira A, Hender T, Milton R, Nieto M, Zahra R, Shirazi H, Muhammad A, Akif S, Jan MH, Iregbu K, Modibbo F, Uwaezuoke S, Chan GJ, Bekele D, Solomon S, Basu S, Nandy RK, Naha S, Mazarati J-, Rucogoza A, Gaju L, Mehtar S, Bulabula ANH, Whitelaw A, Walsh TR. BMC Infect Dis. 2022;22(1) Available from:

Conservation of the unusual dimeric JmjC fold of JMJD7 from Drosophila melanogaster to humans. Chowdhury R, Abboud MI, Wiley J, Tumber A, Markolovic S, Schofield CJ. Sci Rep. 2022;12(1) Available from:

Reading and erasing of the phosphonium analogue of trimethyllysine by epigenetic proteins. Belle R, Kamps JJAG, Poater J, Kumar K, Pieters BJGE, Salah E, Claridge TDW, Paton RS, Bickelhaupt FM, Kawamura A, Schofield CJ, Mecinović J. Commun Chem. 2022;5(1) Available from:

Combined proteomic and biochemical analyses redefine the consensus sequence requirement for epidermal growth factor-like domain hydroxylation. Brewitz L, Onisko BC, Schofield CJ. J Biol Chem. 2022;298(8) Available from:

Global burden of antimicrobial resistance: Essential pieces of a global puzzle. Walsh TR, Zahra R, Iregbu K, Peacock SJ, Stewardson A. Lancet. 2022;399(10344):2347-8. Available from:

Penicillin derivatives inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 main protease by reaction with its nucleophilic cysteine. Malla TR, Brewitz L, Muntean D-, Aslam H, Owen CD, Salah E, Tumber A, Lukacik P, Strain-Damerell C, Mikolajek H, Walsh MA, Schofield CJ. J Med Chem. 2022;65(11):7682-96. Available from:

Factor inhibiting HIF can catalyze two asparaginyl hydroxylations in VNVN motifs of ankyrin fold proteins. Leissing TM, Hardy AP, Chan H, Wang Y, Tumber A, Chowdhury R, Feng T, Coleman ML, Cockman ME, Kramer HB, Berridge G, Fischer R, Kessler BM, Ratcliffe PJ, Lu X, Schofield CJ. J Biol Chem. 2022;298(6) Available from:

Mass spectrometric assays reveal discrepancies in inhibition profiles for the SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease. Brewitz L, Kamps JJAG, Lukacik P, Strain-Damerell C, Zhao Y, Tumber A, Malla TR, Orville AM, Walsh MA, Schofield CJ. ChemMedChem. 2022;17(9) Available from:

Studies on enmetazobactam clarify mechanisms of widely used β-lactamase inhibitors. Lang PA, Raj R, Tumber A, Lohans CT, Rabe P, Robinson CV, Brem J, Schofield CJ. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2022;119(18) Available from:

To our friend, John. Walsh TR, Pittet D. Lancet Infect Dis. 2022;22(5):583-4. Available from:

Neonatal sepsis and mortality in low-income and middle-income countries from a facility-based birth cohort: An international multisite prospective observational study. Milton R, Gillespie D, Dyer C, Taiyari K, Carvalho MJ, Thomson K, Sands K, Portal EAR, Hood K, Ferreira A, Hender T, Kirby N, Mathias J, Nieto M, Watkins WJ, Bekele D, Abayneh M, Solomon S, Basu S, Nandy RK, Saha B, Iregbu K, Modibbo FZ, Uwaezuoke S, Zahra R, Shirazi H, Najeeb SU, Mazarati J-, Rucogoza A, Gaju L, Mehtar S, Bulabula ANH, Whitelaw AC, Walsh TR, BARNARDS Group, Chan GJ. Lancet Global Health. 2022;10(5):e661-72. Available from:

Silent circulation of BKC-1-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae ST442: Molecular and clinical characterization of an early and unreported outbreak. Martins WMBS, Lenzi MH, Narciso AC, Dantas PP, Andrey DO, Yang QE, Sands K, Medeiros EA, Walsh TR, Gales AC. Int J Antimicrob Agents. 2022;59(5) Available from:

Genomic insights into the mechanism of carbapenem resistance dissemination in Enterobacterales from a tertiary public heath setting in South Asia. Farzana R, Jones LS, Rahman MA, Sands K, van Tonder AJ, Portal E, Criollo JM, Parkhill J, Guest MF, John Watkins W, Pervin M, Boostrom I, Hassan B, Mathias J, Kalam MA, Walsh TR. Clin Infect Dis. 2022:ciac287. Available from:

Mechanisms of substrate recognition and N6-methyladenosine demethylation revealed by crystal structures of ALKBH5-RNA complexes. Kaur S, Tam NY, McDonough MA, Schofield CJ, Aik WS. Nucleic Acids Res. 2022;50(7):4148-60. Available from:

Expanding the repertoire of low-molecular-weight pentafluorosulfanyl-substituted scaffolds. Jose A, Guest D, LeGay R, Tizzard GJ, Coles SJ, Derveni M, Wright E, Marrison L, Lee AA, Morris A, Robinson M, von Delft F, Fearon D, Koekemoer L, Matviuk T, Aimon A, Schofield CJ, Malla TR, London N, Greenland BW, Bagley MC, Spencer J, The Covid Moonshot Consortium. ChemMedChem. 2022;17(7) Available from:

Comparing long-read assemblers to explore the potential of a sustainable low-cost, low-infrastructure approach to sequence antimicrobial resistant bacteria with oxford nanopore sequencing. Boostrom I, Portal EAR, Spiller OB, Walsh TR, Sands K. Front Microbiol. 2022;13 Available from:

Distinct increase in antimicrobial resistance genes among Escherichia coli during 50 years of antimicrobial use in livestock production in China. Yang L, Shen Y, Jiang J, Wang X, Shao D, Lam MMC, Holt KE, Shao B, Wu C, Shen J, Walsh TR, Schwarz S, Wang Y, Shen Z. Nat Food. 2022;3(3):197-205. Available from:

Studies on the reactions of biapenem with VIM metallo β-lactamases and the serine β-lactamase KPC-2. Lucic A, Malla TR, Calvopiña K, Tooke CL, Brem J, McDonough MA, Spencer J, Schofield CJ. Antibiotics. 2022;11(3) Available from:

Characterization of the SARS-CoV-2 ExoN (nsp14ExoN-nsp10) complex: Implications for its role in viral genome stability and inhibitor identification. Baddock HT, Brolih S, Yosaatmadja Y, Ratnaweera M, Bielinski M, Swift LP, Cruz-Migoni A, Fan H, Keown JR, Walker AP, Morris GM, Grimes JM, Fodor E, Schofield CJ, Gileadi O, McHugh PJ. Nucleic Acids Res. 2022;50(3):1484-500. Available from:

Structure-activity studies reveal scope for optimisation of ebselen-type inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 main protease. Thun-Hohenstein STD, Suits TF, Malla TR, Tumber A, Brewitz L, Choudhry H, Salah E, Schofield CJ. ChemMedChem. 2022;17(4) Available from:

Global burden of bacterial antimicrobial resistance in 2019: A systematic analysis. Antimicrobial Resistance Collaborators. Lancet. 2022;399(10325):629-55. Available from:

Pseudohypoxic HIF pathway activation dysregulates collagen structure-function in human lung fibrosis. Brereton CJ, Yao L, Davies ER, Zhou Y, Vukmirovic M, Bell JA, Wang S, Ridley RA, Dean LSN, Andriotis OG, Conforti F, Brewitz L, Mohammed S, Wallis T, Tavassoli A, Ewing RM, Alzetani A, Marshall BG, Fletcher SV, Thurner PJ, Fabre A, Kaminski N, Richeldi L, Bhaskar A, Schofield CJ, Loxham M, Davies DE, Wang Y, Jones MG. eLife. 2022;11 Available from:

Synthesis and application of constrained amidoboronic acids using amphoteric boron-containing building blocks. Soor HS, Diaz DB, Tsui KY, Calvopiña K, Bielinski M, Tantillo DJ, Schofield CJ, Yudin AK. J Org Chem. 2022;87(1):94-102. Available from:

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Exploring links between 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenases and Alzheimer's disease. Liu H, Xie Y, Wang X, Abboud MI, Ma C, Ge W, Schofield CJ. Alzheimer's Dementia. 2022 Available from:

Early-onset neonatal sepsis in low-and middle-income countries: Current challenges and future opportunities. Sands K, Spiller OB, Thomson K, Portal EAR, Iregbu KC, Walsh TR. Infect Drug Resist. 2022;15:933-46. Available from:

Imitation of β-lactam binding enables broad-spectrum metallo-β-lactamase inhibitors. Brem J, Panduwawala T, Hansen JU, Hewitt J, Liepins E, Donets P, Espina L, Farley AJM, Shubin K, Campillos GG, Kiuru P, Shishodia S, Krahn D, Leśniak RK, Schmidt (Adrian) J, Calvopiña K, Turrientes M-, Kavanagh ME, Lubriks D, Hinchliffe P, Langley GW, Aboklaish AF, Eneroth A, Backlund M, Baran AG, Nielsen EI, Speake M, Kuka J, Robinson J, Grinberga S, Robinson L, McDonough MA, Rydzik AM, Leissing TM, Jimenez-Castellanos JC, Avison MB, Da Silva Pinto S, Pannifer AD, Martjuga M, Widlake E, Priede M, Hopkins Navratilova I, Gniadkowski M, Belfrage AK, Brandt P, Yli-Kauhaluoma J, Bacque E, Page MGP, Björkling F, Tyrrell JM, Spencer J, Lang PA, Baranczewski P, Cantón R, McElroy SP, Jones PS, Baquero F, Suna E, Morrison A, Walsh TR, Schofield CJ. Nat Chem. 2022;14(1):15-24. Available from:


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Effects of antibiotic resistance, drug target attainment, bacterial pathogenicity and virulence, and antibiotic access and affordability on outcomes in neonatal sepsis: An international microbiology and drug evaluation prospective substudy (BARNARDS). Thomson KM, Dyer C, Liu F, Sands K, Portal E, Carvalho MJ, Barrell M, Boostrom I, Dunachie S, Farzana R, Ferreira A, Frayne F, Hassan B, Jones E, Jones L, Mathias J, Milton R, Rees J, Chan GJ, Bekele D, Mahlet A, Basu S, Nandy RK, Saha B, Iregbu K, Modibbo F, Uwaezuoke S, Zahra R, Shirazi H, Syed NU, Mazarati J-, Rucogoza A, Gaju L, Mehtar S, Bulabula ANH, Whitelaw A, van Hasselt JGC, Walsh TR, on behalf of the BARNARDS Group. Lancet Infect Dis. 2021;21(12):1677-88. Available from:

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A role for arthropods as vectors of multidrug-resistant Enterobacterales in surgical site infections from South Asia. Hassan B, Ijaz M, Khan A, Sands K, Serfas G-, Clayfield L, El-Bouseary MM, Lai G, Portal E, Khan A, Watkins WJ, Parkhill J, Walsh TR. Nat Microbiol. 2021;6(10):1259-70. Available from:

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Mobile colistin resistance enzyme MCR-3 facilitates bacterial evasion of host phagocytosis. Yin W, Ling Z, Dong Y, Qiao L, Shen Y, Liu Z, Wu Y, Li W, Zhang R, Walsh TR, Dai C, Li J, Yang H, Liu D, Wang Y, Gao GF, Shen J. Adv Sci. 2021;8(18) Available from:

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What is the catalytic mechanism of enzymatic histone N-methyl arginine demethylation and can it be influenced by an external electric field? Ramanan R, Waheed SO, Schofield CJ, Christov CZ. Chem Eur J. 2021;27(46):11827-36. Available from:

High-throughput crystallography reveals boron-containing inhibitors of a penicillin-binding protein with di- and tricovalent binding modes. Newman H, Krajnc A, Bellini D, Eyermann CJ, Boyle GA, Paterson NG, McAuley KE, Lesniak R, Gangar M, Von Delft F, Brem J, Chibale K, Schofield CJ, Dowson CG. J Med Chem. 2021;64(15):11379-94. Available from:

Design and enantioselective synthesis of 3-(α-acrylic acid) benzoxaboroles to combat carbapenemase resistance. Xiao Y-, Chen X-, Deng J, Yan Y-, Zhu K-, Li G, Yu J-, Brem J, Chen F, Schofield CJ, Li G-. Chem Commun. 2021;57(62):7709-12. Available from:

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