The Ineos Oxford Institute for antimicrobial research (IOI) is a world-leading centre of research, training and education based at the University of Oxford. It was established thanks to an unprecedented £100 million gift from INEOS, one of the world’s largest chemical companies.  

In addition to research, IOI’s training and education programmes attracts the next generation of research leaders to advance science and promote interdisciplinary approaches to address AMR.  

Working with national governments, international financial institutions and health organisations, IOI is encouraging policy change and investment towards antimicrobial research.  

It has been proven historically that if you take the best of the commercial organisation and the best of the research organisation and you get government involved as well, marvellous things can happen.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman INEOS

Antimicrobial resistance is affecting all sections of society across the world. Like all grand challenges, it is not a threat that can be solved in silos. The successful development of antibiotics during World War II was the result of inspirational collaboration between academia, industry and government. Such levels of collaboration are again necessary if we are to tackle this vital issue before it’s too late.

Prof Irene Tracey, CBE, FMedSci, Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford

AMR: a dance with nature

AMR: a dance with nature

In this short documentary, IOI scientific leads Dr Kirsty Sands and Dr Alistair Farley talk about the origins of AMR and share how their research aims to help tackle this growing threat to global health.

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