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We can't let antibiotics stop working

Not in our lifetime is our public campaign to raise awareness about the risks and consequences of AMR in the UK. 

AMR is one of the biggest public health threat facing us today. Researchers all over the world are developing solutions to combat AMR. However a survey in November 2023 showed only 9% awareness of the meaning of AMR across the UK. 

Our campaign highlights how daily activities that we currently take for granted will become life-threatening without urgent action. 

The campaign launched in November 2023 with a focus on drug-resistant STIs. Over the next one year we will highlight how common injuries and infections are at risk of becoming increasingly risky due to the spread of AMR. 

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Impact of AMR on sex

50% increase in gonorrhoea infections in the UK since 2021.

15-24 age group most likely to contract gonorrhoea 

Gonorrhoea is expected to cause more deaths in the next 10 years without new solutions.